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This week’s update is all about Health Points: we implemented two different systems to replenish the character’s health. Also, a lot of other FX and polishing were added to the current build.


Players will be granted a main HP bar at the top-left corner of the HUD along with a thinner HP Regeneration bar below it. Whenever one is hit and their HP goes down, the HP Regeneration bar is triggered to refill the main HP bar one point at a time. The frequency of this refilling will depend on RPG stats, equipped items such as specific amulets and so on.

Healing Shrines: more than meets the eye!

Healing Shrines will be rendered inactive after a single use, but they come fitted with three empty slotson either side and a bigger one at the top.

Players will not only be allowed to harvest the mortal remains of certain enemies they ravage, but will also be able to use them in the side-slots as a sort of offering to the Gods. Doing so ‘reactivates’ a Shrine after its consumption.

The big central slot is a whole different story: if you collect the skull of a particularly strong enemy (Mini-Boss?), you should be able to sacrifice it on a shrine to generate unique weapons, amulets etc. that are not spawned by treasure chests.

Though it won’t be an easy task because it will also depend on how one kills the Mini-Boss, their Luck based RPG stat and so forth. This will be the only way to get those kind of weapons/amulets in the game.

And there’s more…

Have a look at this quick video recap showing all the features we’ve been working on in the last few days:

Tenebrae - Twilight of the Gods
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